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ADA Solutions Radius Systems Domes

After years of research & development, we are happy to announce that the latest innovation, a Radius Tactile Surface, is now ready for immediate shipping. ADA Solutions offers both Replaceable Wet-Set, and Surface Applied versions of this incredibly versatile product line.

ADA Solutions Surface Mount Domes

Surface Mount product is perfect for those projects where you need to retrofit an existing concrete substrate. Available in five different sizes, each of the Surface Mount tiles can be installed in as little as 10 minutes, dramatically reducing your installation costs.

ADA Solutions Cast-In-Place Domes

We have shipped thousands of the Cast-In-Place pavers across the country. They are a great long-term solution for any job, under any weather conditions.

Standard sizes: 

2’ x 3’ (24″ x 36″)                       3’ x 4’ (36″ x 48″)

2’ x 4’ (24″ x 48″)                       3’ x 5’ (36″ x 60″)

2’ x 5’ (24″ x 60″)

ADA Solutions Replaceable Wet-Set Domes

ADA Solutions’ latest innovation is the only 100% replaceable Detectable Warning product on the market. Pressed into wet concrete, the new replaceable pavers are the most durable product available anywhere. Contact us today for details of this revolutionary new product from ADA Solutions.

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