Backer & Hot Rod

Backer Rod (Hot Rod)

Asphalt crack backer rod (also known as “hot rod”) is designed for the purpose of pre-filling cracks in asphalt that are deeper than 1/2″ in depth. Backer rod is a continuous-length, compressible foam material that stops the waste of costly sealant material.

Sof-Rod / Backer Rod Backing Foam Closed Cell

Backing foam Backer Rod is round, flexible, continuous lengths of cross-linked, closed-cell polyethylene foam for use as a backing material for hot and cold-applied sealants. It limits the depth of the sealant and prevents excessive sealant use. It also helps sealant to assume optimum shape factor to prolong sealant service life and acts as a barrier to the flow of sealant through the joint. It is easy to apply, chemically inert, virtually dust-free, waterproof, and does not bind the water in the wall joints so the adhesion disruption does not occur.

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