Barricades, Cones, Drums, Sandbags

Type I Barricades

One reflective top panel.  Meets the criteria for use on low speed, conventional roads, or urban streets. Type I barricades are also used for pedestrian traffic control. (Lights sold separately.)

Type II Barricades

Top & bottom reflective panels. Type II barricades meet the criteria for use on expressways and freeways or other high-speed roadways. Bottom panel is reflective to offer more nighttime visibility. (Lights sold separately.)

Type III Barricades

Three reflective panels. They are primarily used where it is necessary to close a road completely. When used to close roadways, Type III barricades must also support the appropriate signage. These signs would include, but are not limited to: ROAD CLOSED, DETOUR, LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY.  (Lights sold separately.)

Barricade Rails

Flexible and durable polyethylene TrafFix Rails feature an I-beam design that protects the reflective sheeting from damage and allows nesting for easy storage and transport.

Plastic Folding Barricades

Tough, lightweight, easy-to-handle and 100% recyclable, the TrafFix Type I Barricade is made from durable, impact-resistant polyethylene, and is certified to meet NCHRP-350 and MUTCD standards. The plastic design eliminates metal legs that can pinch fingers and damage vehicles. Panels are recessed to protect the reflective sheeting, and the legs are equipped with anti-skid gripper teeth.  The panels have reinforcement ribs to resist bending and warping.

Candlesticks – Grabber & Looper Tubes

With the convenient Grabber Tube handle, you can easily and quickly tie or wrap caution tape from one tube to the next. The innovative handle design enables you to easily move, set, drag or lift the Grabber Tube.

Traffic Cones

Orange & Lime Green – 18”, 24” & 36”. Available with or without reflective collars.


TrafFix™ Grabber Cones have a convenient, molded handle for easy movement and the patented design prevents cones from sticking together. Flexible cone works with removable 16 lb. rubber bases (bases and cones sold together and separately.) Includes light mounting hole and keyhole sign slot. Cones and base will not crush even when run over. Certified to meet NCHRP-350 and MUTCD standards.


Sandbags can be used to add extra weight to your barricades and/or portable sign stands.

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