Blowers, Vacuums & Rotary Brooms

Billy Goat Wheeled Blower

“Billy Goat The Force™” Wheeled Blower

Lightweight, low noise and durable performance are the hallmarks of the all new composite line blowers. The FORCE weighs up to 17 pounds less than comparably powered steel competitors, it remains the quietest wheel blower, and it is tuned to produce unmatched blowing power.

Bensink Moss Buster Rotary Broom

Throw away your push brooms! Throw away your scrapers! Throw away your propane burners and torches! Bensink Mfg’s Moss Buster Rotary Broom is here. When you need to clean along curbs, in tight spaces, nasty crankcase oil spills, and worst of all, moss; let the Moss Buster do the hard part for you.

Little Wonder Wheeled Blower (9131)

Little Wonder blowers are ideal for moving leaves and stubborn debris, removing standing water or preparing asphalt for resurfacing.  Little Wonder’s 13 HP blower is the biggest in their line. The housings are even larger than the 8 HP and 9 HP blowers, for maximum air output. The 13 HP boast the legendary Honda overhead valve engine, the Leader in its Class.

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