Car Stops, Speed Bumps, Wall Guards, Bollard Covers

Pre-Cast Concrete Wheel Stops

Concrete wheel stops are designed to prevent vehicles from damaging buildings, sidewalks, and delicate landscape. Graduated taper on ends relieves danger of cutting tires. Mark parking spaces long after painted lines have worn off.

GNR Home Park It Rubber Car Stops

Can be used to provide guidance to cars while parking as well as to protect the front of your vehicle. It provides worry free parking for garages, driveways, or carports.

GNR Home Park-It Car Stop – Recycled Rubber

(L) 22″ x (W) 6″ x (H) 4″ – 9 lb. (2 per parking stall; 1 per wheel location) 

(L) 3′ x (W) 6″ x (H) 4″ – 17 lb. 

(L) 4′ x (W) 6″ x (H) 4″ – 22.5 lb 

(L) 6′ x (W) 6″ x (H) 4″ – 34 lb.

GNR Park-It Parking Curb

Rubber Park-It car stops are used in parking facilities to effectively stop cars pulling into parking spots, helping protect vehicles and the surrounding infrastructure. Unlike asphalt or concrete parking curbs, which need frequent replacements, Park-It rubber wheel stops are more forgiving of vehicles, sturdier and do not break or need to be replaced.
• Available in white or yellow. 

  • Simple installation by one person 
  • Resistant to ultraviolet light, moisture, oil, extreme temps 
  • Temporary or permanent installation 
  • 1/10th the weight of standard concrete curb 

GNR 3’, 4’ & 6’ Park-It Car Stop – Recycled Rubber

(L) 22″ x (W) 6″ x (H) 4″ – 9 lb. (2 per parking stall; 1 per wheel location) 

(L) 3′ x (W) 6″ x (H) 4″ – 17 lb. 

(L) 4′ x (W) 6″ x (H) 4″ – 22.5 lb 

(L) 6′ x (W) 6″ x (H) 4″ – 34 lb.

GNR Park-It Car Stops

Décor & Handicap

GNR’s exciting new and innovative generation of colored recycled rubber car stops have all the same product attributes as the original Park It, but offer additional opportunities for the following applications:  Park It Décor For property owners / managers who are looking to enhance the aesthetic value of their property. The innovative terracotta color delivers an upscale look to any parking facility!  Handicap Park It Specifically designed for handicap parking spaces. The blue colored rubber and white in-molded tape are immediately identifiable to differentiate handicap parking spaces.

GNR Easy Rider Speed Bump

Rubber speed bumps reduce vehicle speeds making parking lots safer. Constructed from 100% recycled tires, they are preformed for immediate installation. Flexible design conforms to the contour of virtually any road surface.


GNR 4’ & 6’ Easy Rider Speed Bump

(L) 4′ x (W) 12″ x (H) 2 1⁄4″ – 32 lb. 

(L) 6′ x (W) 12″ x (H) 2 1⁄4″ – 51 lb.

GNR Speed Bump End Cap

(L) 9″ X (W) 12″ X (H) 2 1⁄4″ – 5.5 lb.

GNR Alley Bump

Alley bumps were developed specifically to address speeding and cut-through traffic in city alleyways. They slow cars to a stop. Constructed from 100% recycled tires, GNR alley bumps are preformed to ensure a smooth, safe ride. The Alley Bump’s flexible design conforms to the contour of virtually any road surface. The bumps are simple to install and can be easily removed for storage or relocation. They are pre-drilled for anchoring spikes or lag bolts. They will not warp, crack, chip, or rot.  They have molded highly reflective tape, cat’s eye reflectors and a channeled bottom to facilitate drainage as well as to cover cabling or piping. 
GNR 4’& 6’ Alley Bump

(L) 4′ x (W) 12″ x (H) 3″ – 51 lb. 

(L) 6′ x (W) 12″ x (H) 3″ – 76 lb.

GNR Alley Bump End Cap

(L) 6″ X (W) 12″ X (H) 3″ – 8 lb.

GNR Safety Rider Mini Hump

A unique modular device designed to slow traffic while maintaining a continuous traffic flow. The tongue & groove system allows the module units to be linked together to cover the width of any roadway. Made with 100% recycled rubber w/ in-molded, reflective highway tape (yellow or white). Pre-drilled holes for quick installation; shipped with lag bolts and plastic shields – for installation on asphalt surfaces (Note: if installing on concrete, requires metal lag bolts and shields). Can be easily removed for storage / relocation & can be used for temporary or permanent installation. Lightweight – can be easily installed by 2 people.
(L) 35.5″ x (W) 19.5″ x (H) 2.1″ – 36 lbs

GNR Safety Rider V Mini Hump

The new and improved Safety Rider® V is an affordable solution that slows vehicles down while maintaining a continuous traffic flow. The recycled rubber mini hump is constructed of interlocking units allowing you to customize the solution to fit the width of any roadway. Our unique end caps include reflective tape, further enhancing visibility and safety.
The Safety Rider® V is ideal for slowing traffic in front of gates, toll booths, all parking access facilities, and anywhere slow traffic flow is required. Our durable solution also holds up well to heavy load-bearing truck traffic.  Safety Rider® V is covered by a 3-year warranty on the product; 1 year warranty on the tape.
23500 = 35.5 x 19.5 x 2.1 (36 lbs.) 

23501 = End Cap (Female) 35.5 x 19.5 x 2.1 (32 lbs.)

23502 = End Cap (Male) 35.5 x 19.5 x 2.1 (32 lbs.)

GNR Cycle Lane Delineators

Cycle Lane is a smart, safe solution that provides a visual separation between vehicle and bicycle lanes. It is designed to define traffic spaces and protect the safety of bicyclists. Ideal for use anywhere with bicycle traffic, the lane delineators keep vehicle and bike traffic in their respective lanes. The innovative sloped profile prevents vehicles from entering the bike lane, ensuring that vehicles cannot enter the bike lane while bicyclists who hit the delineators are safely guided back into the bike lane.
(L) 29.5″ (W) 4.75″ x (H) 4″ – 10 lbs

GNR Corner & Wall Guards

Rubber corner and wall guards are cost efficient damage prevention solutions that help protect the surrounding infrastructure and vehicles in parking facilities. Manufactured from high-impact virgin rubber, these corner and wall protectors are long lasting, durable, and cost-effective solutions. High intensity reflective tape increases visibility – especially at night, and provides the necessary guidance to drivers when parking in tight spots. Why not prevent damage to your parking facility before it occurs? Rubber corner and wall guards not only help protect your parking structure, but they also help protect your customers’ vehicles from potential dents and scratches. Ideal for surface and multi-level parking lots, interior factory / warehouse walls, and areas surrounding loading docks.
Corner and wall protectors are available in 3 models: CG800, CG900 & WP1000

GNR Corner Guard – Virgin Rubber  


2.6″(L) x 4″(W) x 0.3″


2′(L) x 4.7″(W) x 0.8″

GNRWP1000  Wall Protector – Virgin Rubber 

3.3′(L) x 6″(W) x 2″

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