Cold Patch

Cold Patch Permanent Pavement Repair Material. Permanent pavement repair material is the high-performance asphalt patching material that is easily applied any time of the year, under any weather conditions. Just sweep the area to be repaired, removing loose debris. Shovel or pour cold patch material into the hole. Compact the patch and it’s ready for traffic.  


FloMix Asphalt Repair

Used effectively for repairing potholes, alligatoring and cracks on highways, parking lots, city streets, garage floors, roads, driveways and sidewalks. FloMix is a cold-applied, liquid and aggregate slurry that hardens in minutes to provide a long-lasting repair.  It can be finished precisely to grade, resulting in a smoother ride over the repaired areas. FloMix is easily feathered into the surrounding asphalt to form a repair that visually blends in with the existing pavement.

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