6 CU. Ft Concrete Mixer

The portable Mix-N-Go mixers, available with polyethylene or steel drums, are ideal for jobs including small footings and bases, binding block and concrete patching. They’re sturdy enough to mix 6 cubic feet (85 liters) of material.

Silt Fence Installer (Skid steer mount)

Securely install a silt fence quickly and easily.

Electric core drill  (plus bit wear)

Powerful Electric Core Drill, perfect for a wide range of concrete and asphalt projects.

Skid steer Loader

Great to use in place of a large excavator. Skid Steer Loaders can help you get the job done!

Light tower

Sirocco 4000w HI Open Glare Free Lighting Tower features a specially engineered design for semi-permanent and long-term installations. It is equipped with 4 1000w bulbs for 360 degree light distribution.  Glare free light ideal for construction, search & rescue, or many other applications.

Dry Ice Blaster (plus Ice media)

Safely clean those surfaces with a dry ice blaster. Includes ice media.

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