Pavement Interlay Fabrics

Petromat Non-Woven Paving Fabric

Petromat® is a nonwoven fabric that is field saturated with an asphalt cement tack coat to create a continuous moisture barrier and stress absorbing interlayer in new or rehabilitated pavements. Petromat extends the life of new asphalt pavements and overlays by acting as a barrier to prevent water infiltration from the road surface into the base course. It also performs as a stress-absorber to reduce reflective and fatigue cracking.

TruPave Engineered Paving Mat

TruPave® engineered paving mat is a nonwoven pavement interlayer composed of high strength fiberglass and polyester fibers conforming to ASTM D-7239.  It is designed with low elongation and high strengths to reinforce the pavement section and retard reflective cracking in overlay applications.  TruPave® installed with an asphalt tack coat creates a moisture barrier between the existing pavement and new overlay thus dramatically increasing the life of the pavement. TruPave® is millable and fully recyclable.

GlasGrid Engineered Paving Mat

GlasGrid Pavement Reinforcing Grid is a high-stiffness fiberglass mesh that reinforces asphalt concrete overlays in pavement construction. Retards Reflective Cracking, Pavement Reinforcement, Full Width Reinforcement for Roadway, Reinforces Concrete Joints, Construction Joints & Joints for Road Widening. GlasGrid Reinforcement Mesh is applied to road surfaces to prevent pavement deterioration caused by traffic loading, age hardening and temperature cycling.  GlasGrid is made of fiber glass strands which are configured for engineering performance. High tensile strength and modulus of elasticity at low elongation makes GlasGrid pound for pound, stronger than steel. Through independent lab testing, GlasGrid has been proven to extend pavement life. When GlasGrid is “sandwiched” between the leveling and surface course asphalt, it becomes the road’s hidden strength, turning crack stresses horizontally and dissipate stress. It helps reduce reflective cracking for many years.

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