Proline Form Liners

Proline Ledge Stone Form Liner

Interlocking form liners that can be used to create fire rings, fountains, pillars and walls.  Made of polyurethane, the interlocking liners snap right into standard-size Sonotube forms, allowing you to achieve a natural stone texture with no additional labor involved.

Proline River Rock Form Liner

This Random River Rock Form Liner is a two part system for the most versatile results.  The full liner is curved on all sides, therefore, Proline created the half tool.  The half tool will give a straight edge on one or both sides. Use your imagination and innovation to make anything possible.

Proline Ashlar Liner Travertine Form

Create indulgence with this Ashlar Travertine Form Liner.  Create a 1’, 2’, 3’, 4’ or even 5’ fire pit in your own back yard.

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