Sealcoating & Asphalt Equipment

Crafco Super Sealcoater

Standard features are considered options on all other competitive seal coat machines. Quality parts and superior construction make the Super Sealcoater the machine of choice for everyday rigorous use. Features such as the unbreakable steel tank to the oversize hydraulic system set this unit apart from all the others. Built with Crafco quality and engineered to last, choose the Super Sealcoater for your next sealcoat machine. Available in 550 and 800-Gallon.

Crafco Spray Bar Attachment for Super Sealcoater

The Crafco Super Sealcoater Spray Bar option is designed for seal coating projects too large for hand wand operation, making it ideal for parking lots and large pavement areas.  The spray bar option installs fast and easy with no additional plumbing.  A pneumatic switch activates the spray bar for material application from the operator rear seat position.  The spray bar has two positions, one for transport and one for application.  All Crafco Super Sealcoaters (550 & 800) can be retrofitted with this option.

Crafco Spray Patcher Magnum

The Crafco Magnum Spray Injection Patching System cleans the distressed pavement, applies an emulsion tack coat, coats the aggregate, applies the mixture and compacts in one continuous operation. All controls are at the operator’s finger tips, making this one-man operation fast, effective and economical. The system operation is based on high air velocity which provides the cleaning, tacking and filling. This type of repair provides high material compaction and density, resulting in a strong superior repair for exceptional durability. Ideal for potholes, shoulder joints, utility cuts, alligator cracked areas and skin patches.

Crafco Emulsion Storage Tanks

Conveniently store emulsions on site for immediate use at truck load prices. Available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 &10 thousand gallon sizes. The Emulsion tank has 3” insulation with a 10-gauge steel secondary containment shell featuring an electric top-mount mixer. Options include an electric timer, mechanical float gauge, and an access ladder with cage.

Sealmaster Heated Asphalt Distributors

Heated asphalt distributors can heat and spray asphalt emulsions, cutbacks, rejuvenators, primers and more. Available as trailer or skid tank mounted: propane or diesel. 300, 550 & 1500 gallon capacity with other sizes available.

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