Sealing Tips & Material Handling Tools - Accessories

Crafco Super Shot Drip Stopper

Use with Crafco Super Shot sealing tip. Stops sealant drip once wand trigger is released. 

27114 – Tip Adapter

50270 – Duckbill Valve 

27115 – Shroud – Tip Adapter

Crafco Swivel Applicator

Plate tip with movable juncture. Used for over banding.  

27120 – 3“ Swivel Applicator (application disc diameter – 76mm) 

27130 – 4“ Swivel Applicator (application disc diameter – 100mm)

Crafco Duckbill

50270 – Rubber tip, use with Super Shot Melter wands to prevent dripping of material. It is a standard fitting of the heated application hose.

Crafco Sealing Foot-Flush

Used for random asphalt and concrete joints. 

27154 – Sealing tip/ft assembly ¼“ flush (hole width 6mm)

27155 – Sealing tip/ft assembly 3/8“ flush (hole width 9mm)

Crafco Sealing Foot- Protruded

Use for straight asphalt and concrete joints. 

27159 – Sealing tip/ft assembly ¼“ protruding (hole width 6mm)

27160 – Sealing tip/ft assembly 3/8“ protruding (hole width 9mm)

Crafco Joint Sealing Tip

Use for straight asphalt and concrete joints.   

27146 – Sealing tip assembly ¼“ (hole width 6mm)

27147 – Sealing tip assembly 3/8“ (hole width 9mm)

Crafco Round Sealing Tip

Multi-purpose for random cracks and joints. Use with a squeegee for most applications. 

27170 – Sealing tip assembly 3/8“ (tube diameter 9mm)

27171 – Sealing tip assembly 1/2“ (tube diameter 13mm)

Crafco Application Disk

Used for over banding, great labor saver.  

27162– 3“ disk assembly (disc diameter 76mm)

27163– 4“ disk assembly (disc diameter 100mm)

27164– 6“ disk assembly (disc diameter 152mm)

Crafco Ironing Wand

32243– Used as a leveling and a warming tool for the proper application of TechCrete.

Crafco Shoebox

Used for assisting placement of patching materials. Use the size suitable for your application. Fill using the Material Handler or TechCrete Bucket. 

32350 – 8“x 8“x3“

32351 – 8“x10“x3“

32352 – 8“x12“x3“

32353 – 8“x14“x3“

Crafco TechCrete Bucket

32263 – For transporting the patching materials from Patcher I or Patcher II to the repair area.

Crafco Material Handler

56375 – For handling and distributing of the material from the melters to the repair area. Propane heated with material side discharge gate.

Crafco Chute Scraper with 2’ Handle

32246 – Used for cleaning the chute on the Patcher I and Patcher II.

Crafco Tank Scraper with 6’ Handle

32258 – Used for cleaning Patcher I and Patcher II tanks

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