Sediment Control Devices & Storm Water Management

Storm Sentinel™ Adjustable Catch Basin Inserts

This is the sure way to catch oil and sediment headed into storm drains and sewers.  Equipped with an oil-absorbent media in a screened bag, the Store Sentinel™ guards against any potential discharge.

Gator Guard Reusable Sediment Control Wattles
Can be used in place of silt fence or straw wattles.  Apron minimizes washouts and they are reusable, clean and durable.  Cut to fit, connect end to end, repair cuts with caulk.  Animal friendly and made with UV resistant geotextile stuffed with recycled foam.

Triangular Silt Dike – Discontinued (Replaced with Spring Berm? NEED INFO)

Reusable, multi-purpose alternative to rock check dams.  Made of lightweight and durable materials, Triangular Silt Dikes® weigh just 7 to 9 lbs. per seven-foot section.  A protective apron on both sides of the dike prevents erosion and failure.


atented storm water pretreatment device that captures debris, sediment and floatables. TrashGuard is easy to install and maintain and costs a fraction of other pretreatment devices currently available.


Highly effective sediment-control product used at construction sites to prevent suspended soils from contaminating area streams and wetlands during storm events. It is sediment tube filled with an effective filter ballast material, consisting of 100% shredded, recycled tire rubber. The Eel is used to filter runoff from construction sites at storm water inlets.


A reusable inlet protector designed for high flow volumes while maintaining maximum sediment retention. With its unique multi-dimensional outer filter combined with a rigid inner frame, it maintains a low profile to the curb preventing damage. Easy to transport and install. Keeps sediment, trash, and debris out of storm sewers. Weight pocket holds unit in place. Easy to clean and reuse. 3-dimensional outer layer with open rigid inner frame that allows high flow rates. Low profile to curb helps prevent damage from vehicles.

Siltbox Reusable Inlet Protection

A reusable inlet protection device used to protect inlet structures from sediment and debris during construction. The heavy-duty frame forms a sturdy barricade over most drop inlets. The high-flow geotextile filter skirt stops sediment and debris while allowing the filtered water to leave the site. Built in overflows prevent ponding during major wet weather events.  Siltbox attaches easily to the inlet grate with provided attachment hooks. The high flow filter is reusable and replaceable when necessary.

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