Solvent Based Curing & Sealing Compounds

Luster Seal 350

Clear, non-yellowing solvent-based cure and seal for use on horizontal concrete of all types.

Diamond Clear
Non-yellowing, blush resistant sealing compound.

State-of-the-art curing and sealing compound, specially designed to provide a quality cure and seal while assuring total resistance to yellowing from ultraviolet exposure. Diamond Clear is particularly well suited for exterior architectural concrete where membrane yellowing is undesirable.


Everclear is a pure acrylic sealer that protects and enhances the appearance of cured concrete with a clear, non-yellowing seal that is harder and more durable than standard cure and seal products. Everclear is specially formulated to enhance the color of stamped concrete, exposed aggregate finishes, and colored concrete pavers.

  • Pure acrylic formulation ensures no yellowing and a more breathable
  • Harder and more durable than standard polymer blend cure & seals
  • Can be tinted with Euclid Universal Color Packs to even out variegated concrete surfaces

Super Diamond Clear
High Solids, Water-Based Non-Yellowing Cure and Seal

Solvent based curing and sealing compound specially designed to cure new concrete, assuring  proper cement hydration and strength gain, while  providing a non-yellowing seal to protect and enhance the appearance of concrete.

Concrete Cure & Protective Coating for Interior & Exterior Concrete

Acrylic copolymer that cures and seals new concrete, providing for proper cement hydration and strength gain as well as protection from liquids and abrasion.


AK-2 is the go-to choice for curing and sealing concrete residential application needs, such as sidewalks, driveways, garages, and patios, as well as brick and stone surfaces.  This cure and seal agent is solvent-based, and fast-drying.


Cure and seal exposed concrete and masonry surfaces with a glossy, one-coat finish. This compound is engineered for exposed aggregate, stamped/stenciled. Concrete and can be applied by roller or spray machine. No fillers, oils, waxes or saponifiable resins are used in this product.

SuperSeal Curing Compound

SuperSeal curing can be used on colored concrete, decorative concrete and masonry and exposed aggregate. It dries clear and provides a durable, long-lasting resistance to water and other harsh chemicals.


Seal your new and existing concrete and masonry surfaces and protect them from damage due to oil, grease and gasoline. Suitable for interior or exterior use. Coating dries clear and provides a durable, high gloss finish.

Achro Seal 1 (AS-1) is a commercial grade, non-yellowing, concrete cure and seal. It’s clear, penetrating, and a high-quality acrylic resin. This product is suitable for interior and exterior surfaces. Cure and protect industrial, commercial, retail, and housing concrete surfaces such as parking garages, walkways, driveways, and more.

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