Stencils, Thermoplastics


Designed for heavy use, these stencils will last a lifetime. Apply paint with brush, roller or spray equipment. When paint dries, it is easily removed from parking stencil. Standard sizes available in 6”, 8”, 12”, 18” & 24”.  Larger sizes are available upon request.  Custom cuts are also available.

  • Alphabet & Numbers Stencils
  • ADA Hanicapped Stencils
  • Symbol Stencils & Kits
  • Individual Characters Wording Stencils

Ennis Flint HotTape™ Products

HotTape™ Preformed Thermoplastic Pavement Markings Lines, Legends and Arrows HotTape™ Lines, Legends and Arrows are supplied in 90-mil and 125-mil thicknesses. Yellow and white linear material is also available in 90-mil rolls.

Ennis Flint PreMark

PreMark® high performance retro-reflective preformed thermoplastic pavement markings are engineered for enhanced visibility, durability and flexibility. PreMark® contains uniformly distributed glass beads throughout the material so that, as the marking wears, new beads are exposed. PreMark® has no minimum road or air temperature requirements, is designed for use in heavy traffic locations where maximum wear and tear is present and does not require preheating of the pavement to a specific temperature prior to application.

Ennis Flint ViziGrip®

A unique feature of PreMark® designed to ensure that skid resistance and retro-reflectivity are maximized especially where loss of traction in wet conditions is of major concern.  ViziGrip® can be added to any of the PreMark® lines, legends, arrows, and other designs in 90-mil and 125-mil thicknesses.

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