Traffic Paint (Waterborne & Solvent)

FAST DRY Traffic Paint

Ennis’ Fast Dry waterborne traffic paint is for use in both airless and conventional air-atomized striping equipment. Fast Dry offers all the benefits of a water reducible paint, and quickly dries to a no track condition in less than ten minutes making it an ideal traffic marking for roadways and airports. Fast Dry provides excellent retroreflectivity when matched with the proper bead gradation and adhesion coating. Fast Dry can be ordered to meet all state specifications as well as federal specification TT-P-1952E type I & II.


Ennis’ Solventborne traffic and parking lot paints are formulated for use on highways, parking lots, crosswalks, stop bars and legends. Solventborne is especially suitable for colder ambient applications where waterborne traffic paint cannot be used. Suitable for application on bituminous and concrete roadways, a 15 mil application can be applied at temperatures near freezing; and for faster dry can be heated and sprayed with airless or conventional spray equipment. Solventborne can be ordered to meet federal specification A-A-2886 & TT-P-115.

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